Press Announcements

Web Shield releases new reference guide for merchant underwriting
, 18 October 2016

The second edition of Web Shield’s “Fundamentals of Card-not-present Merchant Acceptance” has been released today. Aimed at merchant underwriters working for acquiring banks and payment service providers, it serves as a reference guide for online due diligence investigations. The core of the book is a holistic Investigation Strategy, which encompasses a comprehensive risk taxonomy and [...]

eco symposium “Banning, storing, blocking – Germany’s digital border fences”
, 27 March 2015

While new business concepts are taking over the internet every day and innovative online services are expanding continuously, there are voices which do not realize the advantages of the world wide web, thinking of it mainly as a hotbed of criminal elements. These voices are exactly those who call for more surveillance and data preservation [...]

, 24 March 2015

ONPEX, The Online Payment Exchange has today announced a strategic collaboration with online crime prevention specialist Web Shield. The deal provides ONPEX’s acquirer, PSP, ISO and merchant client base with Web Shield’s sophisticated risk management tools. A mass of fraudulent transactions are attempted every day worldwide, with the burden placed on bank acquirers and PSPs, [...]

Web Shield Ltd. launches online “legitimation in three minutes”
, 22 August 2014

Now it is possible to conduct legal transactions using a computer or mobile device with an online legitimation process that takes a maximum of three minutes. It is no longer necessary to go to a bank or post office to have identity documents confirmed. Web Shield Ltd. will start its new ‘Know Your Customer Shield’ [...]